Mark T. Sneed

Lesser of Two Evils: Book Five: No Credit Series



In a world where a small number of men and women exhibit superhuman strength, certain types of magic is truly real, an even smaller number of enhanced beings can fly, and a handful of aliens have arrived on the planet, Marsden Micah Maddox, AKA Trip, wakes up and finds himself in a nightmare he thought only happened in video games. A few minutes before turning 16, global corporation goons come to his home to collect on a debt his parents made before his birth. After trying and failing to run away, the teenager finds himself in a detainment center where the corporations seem set to harvest his near perfect super soldier DNA. 16 year old Trip escapes and finds himself an outlaw, on the run, and in a war that rages all around him. Trip has to decide if being part of something is more important than his own independence, while battling his idea of courage versus cowardice, and more importantly, if he's on the right or wrong side of the various warring camps. This story challenges long held ideals and beliefs, allegiances, and realities as the various battles strain forces on every side. All the while, Trip finds himself brushing elbows with a host of legendary heroes and over the top villains, gods and demons. Nothing good or precious can last forever it seems.

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