Mark T. Sneed

Counterfeit Nation: The Remains Saga

The story so far… The world that we know is gone. The rich and powerful have gone into space to escape a dying planet. Those living in the shambles of what once was the Bay Area find themselves hiding behind two twenty-foot high walls. Inside the Remains, the walled city, seven distinct lines work to make their community perfect while rumors spread that outside the walls there are roaming monsters and unimaginable terrors. In the Remains there is little to no violence or crime. The violence and crime are focused into an annual Pandemonium Challenge, a no holds barred life and death televised contest. The Challenge is the most watched event in the Remains.

This year, Ralphie Reynolds, 15, returns from the Pandemonium Challenge broken and bruised and alive. More importantly, he is not alone. Surviving the challenge calls into question the annual event and his role as champion. While Ralphie recovers he gets a firsthand lesson about the politics of the Remains. His return brings with it court trials, broken hearts and new relationships as the Remains is forced to take a critical look at the very formidable Pandemonium Committee. Finding himself the target of a new and powerful enemy Ralphie embarks on a journey to save himself and uncover one of the many mysteries of the Remains.



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