Mark T. Sneed

Chancing Evils: This Zombie Apocalypse is Not What I Expected



Chance Roberts, teacher, is devoted to his students. One day he wakes up in a real life horror movie. There is a growing threat of an unseen virus that has killed thousands and shutdown the country. The unknown virus has forced Chance and others to recalibrate the idea of work and survival. Roberts is unprepared for this new normal. Faced with the threat of death by the unknown virus and the need to mask up and dealing with the old horrors of racial discrimination and police brutality he must maneuver through a world that seems hellbent on killing him. Chance, ever wary and ultra alert, seems perched on the razor's edge of frustration and paranoia with the lack of transparency about what really is going on. Add to this the pull on Chance to stand up and be a part of a national protest against the injustices he and others face daily as a Black man virus or not. Just your typical week as an underpaid teacher in the nation.

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